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There’s a reason why people ask to see Mr Almas Khan, and part of it has to do with maintaining a relationship with our patients and the wider community. Mr Khan is a fellowship trained spine expert. He has a special interest in complex spine problems, however, this also extends to the simpler spine issues as well. He has spoken internationally on a range of issues including deformity correction and spinal injections, and takes time to make a bespoke treatment plan with each of his patients. Many spine conditions can be treated non-operatively, and Mr Khan will highlight these opportunities at your consultation. Where an operation is indicated, he will explain the procedure in detail and provide you with the tools to be able to decide if that is the path to travel. 

June, 10, 2023

Low back pain in children

June, 10, 2023

What should I do before my first appointment?

June, 10, 2023

Disc prolapse

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