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Preop Checklist

  • Amplitude / Spine registry

  • Preauthorisation V2542

  • Provisional Op Date

  • Consent appointment within 2-4 weeks

  • MRI (within 6 months)

  • Standing lumbar spine X-ray

  • Theatre booking

  • ? HDU booking

Theatre Checklist

  • Bloods: G&S, FBC, UE, LFT, Coag, Vit D, Bone profile

  • Consent for operation

  • L5S1 or Lordotic L4/5: Maquet table, Oswestry pads or Wilson Frame

  • Other Levels: Allen or OSI table with Jackson frame with chest bar, 2 regular hip pads, foam pads for arms, Leg sling with pillows, long  dressing for natal cleft

  • Bair hugger

  • Imaging: Standing XR AP & Lateral lumbar spine, MRI within the last 6 months

  • Image intensifier from beginning to mark level

  • Chloraprep resistant marker pen

  • Alcoholic betadine, chloraprep x2

  • 2 black 4-inch spinal needles

  • Square drape. Large side drape for lateral II if using Allen/OSI table

  • Ioban seal

  • Fenestrated sucker

  • 2,3 & 4 mm Kerrison rongeurs

  • Caspar retractors.

  • Obese patients: 80/85mm Caspar retractor , as well as long Watson-Cheyne and long nerve root retractor

  • Microscope

  • (to be available in case of durotomy: medium and large dural clips, dural opposer, haemopatch, tisseel)

  • 20cc Leuer slide syringe, warm saline wash

  • Epidural catheter primed with injectable saline, 100 micrograms fentanyl in 2 cc syringe, 5cc injectable saline in separate syringe, 2 bayonet forceps

  • J needle PDS, 2/0 PDS, 3/0 monocryl

  • Liquiband/Cyanoacrylate glue to be available

  • Surgistrips, Mepore film & pad dressing

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