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Adolescent Scoliosis  Correction

Preop Checklist

Operation Checklist

  • Paeds aneasthesia/nursing

  • IOM, perfusionist

  • Pre assessmentBloods: G&S, FBC, UE, LFT, Coag, Vit D, Bone profile

  • Consent for operation

  • Consent for Research Samples [Adolescent PIS, Parent PIS, Assent, consent]

  • 3x EDTA (purple top) blood tubes labelled with NHS number only for research specimen

  • Allen or OSI table with Jackson frame

  • Cell Saver

  • Diathermy with smoke evacuator set to Mono Cut 50 Coag 50, Bipolar 36

  • Chest bar, 2 regular hip pads, foam pads for arms, Leg sling with pillows, long dressing for natal cleft

  • 2 Bair huggers

  • Imaging available: Standing XR AP & Lateral, MRI scoliosis series, Bending films

  • Image intensifier

  • Chloraprep resistant marker pen

  • Alcoholic betadine, chloraprep x2 (do not crack)

  • Large drapes (do not cut in half) to square off. Large side drape for lateral II

  • Ioban seal

  • Xia 3 Deformity kit: Polyaxial, uniplanar, (+ extra separately packed in sizes 6.5x40 and 6.5x35), 5.5 tap

  • Pedicle finders: smooth and sharp green gear stick and curved sharp finder

  • Double ended dual stiffness pedicle feeler

  • Cross links

  • Standard and Custom Gold reduction tubes 

  • Blue reduction clamps

  • Large rod holder, Rod cutter, 5.5 and 6.0mm Cobalt chrome and titanium rods to be available

  • T handle Xia 3 screw driver

  • Sonopet & aggressive knife attachment

  • Nibblers: Large Leksell, small Leksell, Northfield gouge

  • 3 & 4 mm Kerrison rongeurs

  • Large hammer

  • 6,9,12 & 16mm sharp straight osteotomes

  • Blunt mayo retractors

  • 2x Universal containers with saline for Research specimens labelled with NHS number only

  • Stryker medium and fine bone mill

  • Vitoss BA 10cc strips x3 to be available- open one at a time

  • ABT drains x2

  • Heavy PDS, 2/0 PDS, 3/0 monocryl

  • Glue, Surgistrips, long  Mepore film & pad dressing

  • [Prineo dressing and cyanoacrylate glue to be available]

  • Specimen, blood and copy of research consent forms (NOT operation consent form) to go for research

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