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Attending a new patient appointment?

Before your appointment- please let the booking desk know if you have had any imaging done at other hospitals, and when this was done and which hospital. This will require transferring prior to your appointment. 

On the day- You may require an x-ray when you attend. This can take 30-45 minutes before your appointment. Your whole spine may need to be examined. Please wear or bring suitable underclothing such as a cropped-top type garment, and some shorts. 

0113 388 2067

Booking desk

Follow up after fusion or scoliosis correction?

You will require appointments at approximately 6 weeks for a clinical review, then 3,6,12 and 24 months for x-ray examination

0113 388 2047

Radiology desk

Specialist Spine physio links in Leeds

I work with two main groups of physios. If I recommend a particular one, it may be due to your diagnosis or the particular skills one might have

Physio Action Leeds/ Ilkley/ Harrogate

Physio at Northern Ballet Leeds

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